Customer/Account Management

  • Save your Customers all information like Contact numbers, Emails, Address, Birthday & Anniversary info.
  • Manage Accounts, Passwords & secure information.
  • Managing related Accounts.
  • Managing vendors.
  • Managing Sub-contractor.
  • Adding multiple contacts under same Account.
  • Managing Documents under Account.
  • Managing Customer Inventory.
  • Managing multiple Job locations under one Account.


  • Tracking every Lead that can be converted into customer.
  • Tracking every Prospects requested service or product.
  • Providing real time information that can be ensure business success.
  • Tracking Sales volume & profitability.
  • Automatically recording all Opportunity related interactions.
  • Storing all Lead information at one place save a lot of Time.

Proposal & Quotes

  • Sales Quote contains the Quote number, quote date, items with the quantities and price, and Terms & Conditions.
  • Categorize quoted line items with grouping capabilities.
  • Creating Quotes with greater efficiency and export functionality to send to customers like PDF custom template.
  • You can make modifications to your quotations anytime.
  • Generate customer Invoices from Quotations.
  • Recurring items into Quote.
  • Track Time-log against Quote.
  • Seprate Quote by multiple Rooms/Regions.


  • Generate a document in few seconds.
  • Generate time peiod & hourly Contracts.
  • Automate the payments.
  • Managing your Leases, Licenses & agreements.
  • Automatically processing the Contracts.
  • See future billing.

Technician Utilization

  • Tracking worker’s work timings & and breaks.
  • Service Task automation.
  • Managing Schedules, Routes & Time.
  • Tracking attendance & holidays.

Project Management

  • Real time profitability Tracking.
  • Resource management, Expense tracking and management and reports & analytics.
  • Define workflows, assign tasks to individuals or team and monitor Progress.
  • Create, collaborate, organize and review project documents.
  • Review and share feedback in documents.

Service Order

  • Generate recurring Service Order.
  • Assign the job to the preferred technician always.
  • Submitting Forms automatically.
  • Schedule, Dispatch & Close Service Orders on time.
  • Tracking maintenance Inventory.

Inventory & Purchasing

  • Creating & Managing Purchase orders.
  • Vendor management.
  • Managing receivable materials & analyzing purchased items.
  • Maintain item quantity.
  • Expense management system.
  • Purchase order report is on your fingertip.
  • Real time spend visibility.


  • Create Invoices & send professional looking Invoices to the customers.
  • Track Payments against Invoices & Bills.
  • Create and Email your Invoices in a minute.
  • With real time Invoice tracking, see when it has been viewed.